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We help our clients protect and make important decisions about the people and things that are important to them.

We are Galway-based with an international client base and global tax experience and expertise. Our full suite of tax consultancy services are crafted individually for each client, based on their holistic needs.

We understand that the business owner, their company and their family all have different perspectives that need to be taken into account. We keep in regular, personal contact with each of our clients in order to best help them develop a tailored plan to suit their specific circumstances.

We provide tax advice, transaction support, and full end-to-end project execution services in the following areas

EIIS tax advisory services

We’re Ireland’s leading tax advisors on the Employment & Investment Incentive Scheme (EIIS) for both investors and investee companies.

Business start-up and expansion

We help implement tax efficient company structures to protect founders’ wealth and optimise their own return on investment in their businesses.

Buying & selling businesses

We identify all tax reliefs when buying or selling, and undertake corporate restructures, due diligence, and project management to completion.

Talent acquisition and retention

We help employers design appropriate employee share schemes and ESOPs to attract, retain and motivate key hires.

Retirement/Succession planning

We help clients make those really important decisions, by designing and implementing bespoke retirement and succession plans for them and their loved ones.

Supporting other professionals

We help accountants, lawyers and financial advisors deliver top class services, supplementing their offering with specialist tax consultancy services where needed.

Revenue audits & investigations

We help our clients and their accountants when dealing with what can be challenging, stressful and time-consuming Revenue interventions.

EIIS (Employment & Investment Incentive Scheme)

We are Ireland’s leading tax advisors on EIIS funding.

The entrepreneur’s journey

We know your journey is rarely linear, which is why we’re here to help you navigate the twists, turns and any setbacks you may encounter along the way. Our mission is to join you whenever you need practical help with making complex issues more simple, so that you can make informed decisions about the people and things that matter most to you.

Client testimonials

“I moved back to Ireland having lived in the UK for years. The move back, with my multiple business interests both in the UK and Ireland, had difficult tax planning to get right. Laura took the pain away with the move back, including working with international tax advisors for my offshore interests.”
Niall Crosby
“In the last ten years, HBAN has become a very complex organisation. L&J Tax has been a fabulous resource in helping HBAN scale, supporting with tax advice, EIIS advice, transaction support and back office services that has become part of the fabric of angel investing in Ireland. I would highly recommend L&J Tax to anyone considering their services.”
John Phelan
National Director, HBAN
“I was introduced to Laura by my son who recommended her firm. It was a great recommendation. Laura and her colleagues have handled both my and my wife’s tax affairs efficiently and effectively. I am happy to pass on the recommendation.”
John Teeling
Teeling Whiskey
“I have always been impressed with the way L&J Tax can tailor requirements based on the fairest and best interests of all involved, which is not easy when succession planning. Emer advised us with real sensitivity and absolute empathy to our family’s needs.”
Shane Mulkeen
Mulmuf Limited
“What separates L&J Tax from other firms we have used before is their professionalism, flexibility and ability to engage with us as a client. Response times have been excellent and all projects have been completed on time. Most importantly, even though acting as advisor, L&J Tax virtually became part of our internal management team during these transactions, building trust and challenging consensus when required.”
Ronan Murphy
“We recently worked with Emer to design an ESOP for a key investment. We found the team at L&J Tax to be very professional, knowledgeable and approachable. We would highly recommend their services to anyone”.
Conor Meighan
“L&J Tax provided tax due diligence services to us on our recent Irish acquisitions. Emer’s expertise and knowledge in this area was invaluable in ensuring the transactions were successfully completed and on time. We look forward to working together in the future.”
Niall O’Callaghan
Lockton Insurance Brokers
“We are an early growth company. Emer has provided us with a wealth of information, put a new structure in place for the business, and has offered support as we grow and approach investors and Enterprise Ireland. I would thoroughly recommend L&J Tax to assist your company if it is growing quickly.”
Siobhan Berry
Mummy Cooks Limited

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